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As a full-service solution, PreQual offers everything you need to enhance your prequalification process. This powerful, configurable platform allows you to easily modify your software and services to meet your company needs.

Your solution is unlike any other. Verikal makes it possible.

No Risk.
No Obligation.

Easy to Integrate. Simple to Operate.

PreQual is compatible with your plan rooms, accounting and project management systems making it easy to install and adopt, even across multiple departments. With helpful PreQual features, you can shed the administrative chore of collecting and managing required prequalification data, while making your processes more accurate, efficient and effective.

Personal Touches

  • Personal, human outreach to your third parties
  • Administrative assistance directs data updates and follow-ups
  • Receive professional and personal customer service

Customizable Elements

  • Use our flexible email templates for your branded email communications
  • Create custom forms with the data fields most important to your company
  • Get detailed focus risk scorecards with software that is fully configurable to your required KPIs

Automated Tasks

  • Check the credit worthiness of your potential third-party relationships
  • Monitor regular tracking of vendor, supplier and third-party contractor financial exposure
  • Award contracts and projects to qualified partners easily
  • Access to single project limits and aggregate exposures

Free Demo.
No Risk.
No Obligation.

Professional Insights

  • Senior financial manager assigned to support your account
  • Expert financial analyst review of collected materials determines qualification rating
  • Unparalleled financial underwriting and screening expertise
  • Objective and reliable scorecards

Database Creation

  • Actionable database contains all third-party information
  • Unlimited storage capacity with easy, web-based access
  • Choose to keep your data on a standalone server for added protection