Offers Many Ways to Fortify Your Third-Party Relationships.

Every one of your company’s outside business relationships is different. That’s why it’s critical you hold all of them to a uniform standard. We offer multiple service levels with a variety of options to help you streamline your prequalification process, so you can organize, simplify and monitor potential risks of those business relationships in a way that suits your needs. It’s a better way of doing business. Vertikal makes it possible.

Fully Customizable FormsPreQual's software is second to none! Each customer can create customized forms, making them available to vendors, suppliers and subcontractors through custom portals.
Client-Specific CriteriaEach company is different. Our industry-leading approach allows for customized financial rating models that best addresses your organization’s needs.
Flexible, SaaS-Based SystemPreQual delivers the most dynamic, easy-to-access, flexible, customizable and comprehensive self-service reporting in the industry. It’s accessible from any device with a web browser, regardless of location — 24/7/365.
Expert Analysis by Trained Financial AnalystsFor greater accuracy and control, every prequalification is performed by trained financial analysts — not by a computer system.
Access Credit RatingsPreQual allows for the self-service view, print and download of statements of full reports at any time.
Annual and Semi-annual QualificationsPreQual provides annually and semi-annually qualifications, providing personalized, professional and hands-on service.
Limitless Industry ApplicationPreQual can service the supply chain in any industry and within any size organization.
Collaborate, Share and AuditSend automated and on-demand notifications to employees, supervisors and third parties for pending and overdue supplier-related tasks to ensure they are tracked and completed.
User Accounts and ProvisioningControl what information users can access and easily provision user rights.
Environment FriendlyPreQual is a paperless system. At any time, all data inside PreQual can be downloaded and shared in a variety of formats.
MBE/WBE Certification and Assorted Document ManagementPreQual can manage, track and analyze the compliance of any document.