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Etoila Leahy has worked in risk management since 2012. Choice Hotels places great value on having a good relationship with vendors. CertFocus ensures those good relationships with high quality compliance tracking.

Nermine Demopoulos, Senior Director at Global Hospitality Company, explains that their compliance was below 40% before partnering with CertFocus. With compliance ratio now in the 90s, Global Hospitality Company clearly sees the value in outsourcing compliance tracking.

Ace Hardware has been utilizing CertFocus for over 10 years. Michael Chmielewski, Corporate Risk Manager with over 30 years in risk management details the importance of COI management.

Henry Schein is a distributor of dental, medical, and veterinary products. Lisa Kerr, VP of Risk Management, has been in risk management for 13 years. CertFocus allows Lisa’s team to focus on analyzing risk by taking administrative tasks, like analyzing certificates, out of the equation.

Peacola Johnson has been in the business of risk management for 17 years. With her company putting great value on property, she turned to CertFocus to guarantee vendor compliance. CertFocus provides a technical knowledge of insurance that has proved invaluable to Peacola and her company.

Henry Schein is a distributor of dental, medical, and veterinary products. George Zaroogian, Director of Risk Management, explains the importance of a compliance program to Henry Schein’s risk management and how CertFocus delivers on all of the company’s needs.