Independence – PreQual is platform-independent and insurance carrier-independent. PreQual can be coupled with any enterprise system or carrier insurance program.

Confidentiality –Information about your subcontractors is treated as confidential and is not shared with any other Vertikal client or outside party.

Support team expertise – Vertikal’s team of experts is available to guide subcontractors through the Prequal submission process. Your dedicated Client Success Team will provide any support you need.

Yes, a unique, customized prequalification questionnaire can be established for each client.

Yes, during the implementation phase, the Vertikal team will establish customized scorecard criteria reflecting the risk tolerance level of each individual client.

Yes, clients have the ability to make adjustments to their tiering criteria.

Vertikal’s experienced in-house financial analysts perform the financial statement review. Flex-service clients may perform their own reviews or rely on Vertikal to perform this task.

Yes, clients can make changes at any time and there is no limit or cost.

Once all the required files, including adequate financial statements, are received, a prequalification is completed within two business days.

Subcontractors can contact Vertikal with any questions about the prequalification process by email, phone, or live chat.