When Vertikal recieves a COI, the coverage information is extracted and compared to the coverage requirements within minutes. The final review of the COI is usually completed within 24 to 48 hours.

Yes, a unique set of COI requirements will be established and associated with the supplier or tenant on the Vertikal system. Vertikal will measure the coverage information on the COI against these custom insurance requirements.

A dedicated service team will be assigned to your account during implementation and will provide ongoing service delivery and support. This team is led by a Client Success Manager (CSM) and includes Client Success Specialists (CSSs), who are available to respond to your questions and fulfill your informational needs.

Clients may have an unlimited number of users at no additional cost.

Yes, Vertikal will request and review any/all required endorsements.

Yes, data integration (via open API or other methods) can be established to update client’s designated internal management system (e.g. ERP, AP, contract management).

Yes, webhook can be established to provide your internal management system with real-time updates on compliance status (e.g. compliant, non-compliant, expired).

Yes, data integration (via open API or other methods) can be established to receive automated updates, including new additions, deactivations, and changes in supplier ID information.

Yes, client users of CertFocus with higher-level authority can make business decisions to override coverage deficiencies.

Vertikal includes instructions in the notices we send out, explaining how to return the COI to us. COIs may be uploaded directly to the CertFocus system or sent via email.

A typical implementation takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

Vertikal establishes an email relay process to enhance the delivery of outbound notification emails from the CertFocus system. These emails are sent via the client’s email server to increase the likelihood of them being reviewed by the intended recipient.

Information requests related to the COI are displayed directly in the body of the email rather than in an attachment, which recipients may be reluctant to open.

Yes, our configurable communication plans allow clients to determine the notification type (e.g. email, phone) and the frequency and cadence of automated notice distribution and phone follow-up.

The CertFocus system tracks each upcoming expiration date and notifies business partners in advance to provide a renewal COI.

Yes, the notices sent to business partners can be translated into foreign languages.

Check the “request a proposal” checkbox on the Contact Us page. Vertikal will advise you of the information needed to develop the proposal.