Delivers Industry-Leading Compliance

For organizations of any size, the work associated validating and tracking certificates of insurance is time consuming and a burden on resources. Over the past 20 years, CertFocus has helped public and private organizations of all sizes by providing effective, and easy to use tracking systems and services for managing incoming certificates of insurance.

CertFocus simplifies the COI tracking process and provides greater efficiency, results and value. Our dynamic certificate of insurance tracking software leverages machine learning technology to assure that certificates of insurance are reviewed promptly upon receipt, with a high degree of accuracy.

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CertFocus Is a Powerful COI Management Solution

CertFocus clients can opt for a full-service tracking (software and service) or a self-service tracking option (software only). This flexibility enables you to choose the approach that best meets your organization’s needs.


Gather and review COIs and endorsements swiftly and effortlessly.

Improve Accuracy

Advanced systems for extracting and evaluating coverage data for comparison to contractual insurance requirements.

Increase Productivity

Automate the monitoring of certificate of insurance to free staff to perform other tasks.

Enhance Workflows

Integrate CertFocus’s insurance tracking efficiencies into your existing onboarding and maintenance workflows.

Expand Visibility

Achieve enterprise-wide visibility into the insurance compliance status of all of your business partners.

Consult Experts

Access our team of credentialed insurance experts for guidance, cost savings, protection and advice.

Vertikal’s CertFocus Delivers a Robust Certificate of Insurance Software Platform.

Vertikal’s CertFocus certificate of insurance (COI) tracking system takes the hassle out of tracking COI compliance with a powerful management software system, complemented by expert industry advice. Furthermore, CertFocus is customizable and scalable to accommodate growth.

Our Clients Talk About Their Experiences With CertFocus

By using the automated capabilities of CertFocus we eliminated the time and resources previously required to manage insurance certificates and refocused my teams’ priorities on analyzing risk.

Lisa Kerr
VP of Risk Management, Henry Shein