Why Do We Do What We Do

Vertikal is an Integrated Risk Management Solution providing best-in-class software and service for Supply Chain Risk Management. Our multi-offering solution combined on “one platform” allows Vertikal to deliver results that no other provider can match. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and an AI-enhanced platform, our data driven results and reporting capabilities are industry leading. Vertikal helps protect businesses from unforeseen risks fully integrated solutions and services ranging from certificate of insurance compliance and financial analysis to safety and consulting.

Our Knowledge Is Your
Competitive Advantage

As your collaborative partner, Vertikal brings over 70 years of experience in business critical areas such as insurance, surety, financial analysis, safety and supply chain risk management. We offer direct access to experienced, qualified and credentialed experts to help you monitor, manage and adjust critical processes to make your company more secure and profitable.

Proactive Supply Chain Solutions

Your supply chain is a living, breathing ecosystem where change can come suddenly or constantly. Worker injuries can occur unpredictably, vendors could bring insurance problems and contractors may become insolvent, disrupting your supply chain and negatively impacting your bottom line.

At Vertikal, we promote financial growth by reducing your exposure to outside risk. Our people and tools help you to monitor, identify and address these potential problems before they become major financial and/or legal liabilities.

A Single-Suite Solution For Your Entire Company

Get real-time, actionable intelligence to manage ongoing growth and minimize yourfinancial exposure at a lower cost.

Add value to your risk management strategy with new insights and controls on your third-party risk exposure

Receive real-time insights on the health of your supply chain, including emerging risks, liabilities and the means to correct them.

Protect your purchasing operations against financial risks from vendors, suppliers and third-party contractor relationships.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Our company began as an initiative to build a next-generation certificate of insurance tracking management system, supported by certified insurance and risk management experts. We launched this product called “CertFocus” in 2004. Today CertFocus is widely considered the best-in-class performer as a comprehensive COI compliance and tracking solution.


Vendor Prequalification

To enhance our product offering, in 2012, we began working on a similar SaaS-based technology to deliver expert level prequalification of vendors, suppliers and third-party contractors called “PreQual.” To fill a critical need in the market, we backed this solution with expert financial analysis and administrative support. The impact was immediate and positioned PreQual as an industry leader.


Health, Safety and Environmental Quality (HSEQ)

We turned our sights toward extending our expertise into the prequalification process in the area of Health, Safety and Environmental Quality. Known as ShieldCor this solution collects, organizes and reviews relevant documentation against your chosen safety standards as part of the prequalification process. It also fully integrates with CertFocus and PreQual to give our customers a single-suite solution for supply chain risk management.


One Platform. One Solution.

In 2018, SDI Prequal Services Inc., acquired the assets of CertFocus with the strategy to merge our product lines together into a single suite of modular offerings and services under one brand we call “Vertikal.” This move gives our customers a single source for integrated supply chain risk management solutions and single-call access to expert customer service.

Over the years, we’ve grown from a single idea to the preferred supply chain risk management vendor of Fortune 500 companies across the country. But our mission has always remained the same. We strive to earn your business every day, so you can grow your business knowing that your risks are under control.